Remember over yonder about a week ago when I mentioned there would be some changes coming before the new year? One of them boasted about new content (yes, really!) well, here’s one of them: I’m starting a mailing list!

I know the cool thing is to make it salesy and gimmicky and promise you stuff for joining, but I’m not quite there yet. Really, it’s just a semi-monthly digest of what I’ve been doing. That’s it! One day when I’ve really made it, you can tell all your friends that you knew me before I got my blue checkmarks.

If anything regarding my mailer changes; that is, if I increase the frequency or use it more for promotion than just “hey hello here’s my stuff!” I promise I will let you know first and give you a chance to continue opting-in.

Anyway, if the pop-up hasn’t already swayed you, add your email address here! I promise it’ll be cool and easy.

Scribbling furiously…
Qapla'! We've got you now!

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