No, it’s not some interesting click-bait headline I whipped up. My website desperately needs a facelift and I need to reorganize some things. While my day job is on hiatus for the holidays, I’ll be making some fun changes and getting new things ready.

The new overall look and feel won’t be drastic, just an improvement. But some things will be coming:

  1. Much better blog organization. My tags and categories are a mess and if I don’t implement a new system now, yikes.
  2. More frequent content! Yay!
  3. Style consistency. I hate, hate, hate the Gutenberg interface a lot but it allows me to do more of what I want and need, so I guess I’m just gonna have to suffer.
  4. Updated pages and about me, etc.
  5. Other internal doodads that only matter to me, but let me tell you how happy I am to implement them!

Anyway, long gone are the days of having to shut down sites entirely while redesigns and overhauls happen, but if you do happen to stop between now and the end of the year and things look wonky, or are missing, or I just shut the whole joint down for the hell of it—I promise I’ll be back in a jiffy.

I’ll still be posting in the meantime, just kind of a heads up now that I have actual readers (!) on a regular basis so I don’t worry you!