Memoir and biography have always fascinated me. There’s something humanizing in sharing our truths with others as we experienced them. It’s a way of connecting with others and finding common ground in all of our unique life experiences.

I’ve been writing for over ten years and never settled exactly on what to publish first as my debut title. As I expanded my repertoire, I discovered I had a talent for breathing life into nonfiction. Getting to the meat of a concept or event and deciphering it for others to enjoy and learn from is my passion, and I do it with words.

Sharing our stories and passing them down to others is a critical element of developing culture and growing ideas. Each of our stories is important. Nordisco fills a space that right now is a little lacking. Alcoholism and its effect on families isn’t a new topic, but some of what happens and the experiences I share are unique through the LGBTQ+ and mental health lenses.



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