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Generally when a writer blogs, there is a central theme. However I’ve never been much of a blogger; at least, not exclusively. I’m an essayist who covers a number of topics and just crossposts them on her own platform. Some are more mainstream and some are richer in content.

Here, I have split them up into better categories for easier browsing. In the future some specific sections will become their own blogs. For now, this is where they will remain.

Keep in mind a few things as you browse: I have been (slowly but surely) working on re-categorizing everything so pieces may move around; most if not all posts will belong to at least 2 categories so you may see them more than once; and if something is paywalled blame the publisher, not me :)

please be patient as I rebuild this system to something more navigable! If you get truly lost remember there is navigation at the bottom of the page!


Midsummer State of the Blonde

It’s been a non-stop shit-show of people telling me I’m so amazing and deserve better then turning around and letting me down by choice. And the impact really can’t be summed up in a paragraph or two.

A blonde woman is backdropped by a cloudy gray sky

The Art of Radical Self-Trust

As a writer I have always believed in trusting the reader. If a writer fails this, the prose suffers. It is where walls of text and overwrought exposition is born and storytelling goes to die.

Someone plays Tetris on a mobile device

The Tetris Effect and Trauma

The purpose of Tetris is to achieve it, clearing lines, creating more space. …The strongest lesson it imparts is that you plan for Tetris, but let go of it, too.


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Questions I’m Not Sure I Want Answered

In the wake of what I experienced and as my perspective sharpened, I was left with questions I didn’t have before. They were painful to say out loud but I knew that acknowledging and accepting them was my way out. They were the sign I had at least located the home stretch even if I was not ready to traverse it.

Who Bears the Emotional Labor in an Affair?

I thought I was giving him the freedom to be himself, figure things out, and come to me when he felt ready. In reality, he was using me to plug the holes in the sinking ship of his marriage. And when she returned, there was no need for me. If one woman was defective and absent; the other would do just fine.

Two people in silhouette lean in for a kiss.

If There Could Ever Be a Good Ending to an Unknown Affair, I Found It

If either of us had boarded a plane, it would have been a much different outcome. A single kiss would have sealed a far worse fate. Something was going to give sooner or later. Much better that an algorithm tipped me off in the middle of the night rather than a condom breaking in the middle of a getaway.


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When Truth Holds You Hostage

But on the other days, the ones I can push through, the healed (or healing) part of me asks “Why don’t others believe they deserve me? Why do they fear what they want?”

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Leaving Twitter? Where to Find Me

If you choose to leave Twitter, that’s a decision I understand and respect. At this time, I don’t have any plans to leave but that may change in the future. If you’d like to stay in touch and keep me in your networks, here are the other ways to reach me.

My Dog Died But I’m Still Going to Try and Finish NaNoWriMo

Most people who read this and already know me know very well what I’m about to talk about: Czar died on the morning of November 5.  And yet, I am going to push forward with my projects as a way to cope and find my new normal.


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