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Generally when a writer blogs, there is a central theme. However I’ve never been much of a blogger; at least, not exclusively. I’m an essayist who covers a number of topics and just crossposts them on her own platform. Some are more mainstream and some are richer in content.

Here, I have split them up into better categories for easier browsing. In the future some specific sections will become their own blogs. For now, this is where they will remain.

Keep in mind a few things as you browse: I have been (slowly but surely) working on re-categorizing everything so pieces may move around; most if not all posts will belong to at least 2 categories so you may see them more than once; and if something is paywalled blame the publisher, not me :)

please be patient as I rebuild this system to something more navigable! If you get truly lost remember there is navigation at the bottom of the page!


What I Hope 2023 Will Look Like

Writing is an opaque and misunderstood art form. If one hears “content creator,” they may not consider a writer to be one (most writers may not identify as one, either). But writing is in fact, content creation.

Silence is Not an Answer

Silence is not an answer. Silence is the absence of information—nothing more or less. Silence does not indicate a person’s motives, intent, state of being, feelings, or thoughts. Filling in the blanks in the absence of those things is a disservice both to the recipient and giver of the silence.

An Emerald Day

2022 was the year that I survived. And not a whole lot else, but just one little step forward at the end.

My First Week on Adderall

What happened when I walked into a clinic expecting a pap smear and walked out with an Adderall prescription.


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The Disenfranchisement of the Hyper-Independent

I seem fearless to everyone around me. Whenever someone asks why or how I would do the thing that they would or could not, my answer is one of two things. It’s either that it doesn’t occur to me that I can’t or that I don’t have a choice.

Why I’m Not Angry With Him

I didn’t know then that he was confessing. His words were sincere but like so many other things he said, were incomplete statements. He stopped short of the whole truth: “You deserve better than what the world dealt you, but I choose not to give it because I don’t believe I deserve it also.”

I Know Why He Did It

We do not teach anyone that a ring is like having a baby. It does not save, enhance, or promote a relationship—it burdens one. If and only if the couple is prepared and equipped to share that burden will it succeed long-term.

Questions I’m Not Sure I Want Answered

In the wake of what I experienced and as my perspective sharpened, I was left with questions I didn’t have before. They were painful to say out loud but I knew that acknowledging and accepting them was my way out. They were the sign I had at least located the home stretch even if I…


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I Currently Have 19 Active Drafts

I’m not counting the ones that hide in the scraps folder… yet. A couple of months ago I shared some loose ideas to expand my content. They were things I knew I would move into but I wasn’t sure how. Then, big sad wormy brain things happened. Then I went on vacation. Then I got…

Why I’m (Probably) Staying on Twitter

Twitter is simple—it’s what Facebook used to want to be, back when users needed an .edu email address to join. It’s the space where people go, online, to just be with people. It’s the town square of the internet, where one can people-watch and then duck into a shop when they need to grab something.…

The Thirteenth Hour

Before, my life felt like I was always running a labyrinth. Always hearing a screaming baby in a distant place, never able to reach it, constantly yanked in different directions, racing against a time frame that didn’t exist. But now the whole thing has been razed, disintegrated.

What Even is Time?

When it rains, it pours. When an Angeleno leaves LA for any subjectively significant time, one’s re-entry is provisional until they’ve seen their therapist. I don’t make the rules (okay, sometimes I do). But in my case, it’s true. The past few weeks have wrung me dry and I didn’t feel truly centered until I…

Midsummer State of the Blonde

It’s been a non-stop shit-show of people telling me I’m so amazing and deserve better then turning around and letting me down by choice. And the impact really can’t be summed up in a paragraph or two.


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