I Fell Asleep on a Porn Set…and Other Essays on Relationships, Queer Identity, and Agency

A collection of essays that tell powerful and unique but relatable stories. Equal parts memoir and advice column, the author weaves together tough lessons about relationship dynamics and mechanics told through the lens of someone re-embracing a whole new side of their sexuality.

NORDISCO: Things Mom Did With the Help of Whiskey

Unusual, stranger-than-fiction experiences in one’s early years is universal. It is only when we reach adulthood, become one of the many “they,” and discover how small we are in a big world, does it occur to us that some of those events were beyond the pale and affect more than just memory.

NORDISCO recounts specific events in the author’s life and examines them against the template of modern relationships, and all the things that can go wrong between mother and daughter.

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Date: November 26, 2018
Genre: Creative Nonfiction

Excerpt: But California is different. It’s dry, relatively, and cooler, in a way. The sun teases me in the morning, blazing the sky in my north-facing window at six each morning. Yet the shadows cast by the mountain peaks lend a crispness to the air that, even after four years, I never quite expect in the middle of summer.

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