The past couple weeks have been quite adventurous, to put it in some kind of way. While it was a conscious decision to begin sharing my experience with the Serova v Sony suit here and kind of “out” myself as one of those Michael Jackson superfans; I didn’t expect so much to happen so quickly, especially on the eve of his 60th birthday. I knew that eventually, it would catch media attention, but I had hoped it would hold off just a bit longer.

At any rate; it’s out there now, and the action will die down for a little while. The courts don’t move as quickly as we’d like.

But now I can take a breather, and get back to my regular life. Of course, that is also a roaring dumpster fire on its own. Right now everything is either literally ablaze (such as my sister’s home–everyone is safe and accounted for; the house, not so much) or figuratively. For once, though, I managed to just char a bridge instead of incinerating it. That’s a relief and in my world an accomplishment to celebrate, yet all I want to do is drink wine and cry to Jessie Reyez and BØRNS.

Beyond the hoopla of a surprise media whirlwind, I need a break from my own life. A number of aches and ails have sprung up over the past few days, and in the past few years, I’ve learned to listen to my body when emotional stress takes a physical toll. Writing this, it just dawned on me it’s Labor Day weekend. The perfect opportunity to hide away for a couple days, but the stress and expense of the past few weeks prevents me from doing anything particularly fun such as a day at the beach or holing up at a lake cabin.

If only my Hogwarts acceptance letter hadn’t been lost in the mail, I’d be aboard the Express right now. Imagine!

Time to take a load off. Sister is on her way to family in the morning with her own kidlets in tow and the amicable goodbyes have been issued with others; it’s time for respite.

However, I do have projects that require my attention; content I have shoved aside for this, projects and books of my own I need to organize and work on…and my trusty Kindle is fully charged and awaiting an afternoon of escape.

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