I’m one of those blabbermouth people. Man, if I am excited about something, I’ll tell everyone about it! I’m that annoying friend on Facebook who fills the feed with updates about developments that are mildly pleasing to most but the most exciting thing ever for me!

I would get ahead of myself and share too much, too soon–about my plans, things in the works, moderately good news.

Not surprisingly, very little of it ever quite panned out. Spending more time daydreaming about it and talking about often resulted in very little work toward the objective.

For whatever reason, that’s changed in me the past while. I’m not sure when it started, but I know that when I really pushed to start writing, something clicked in my head, and I stopped rambling about every waking minute of my life.

There’s nothing wrong with those who do. Some people thrive on the support and inspiration from others. I have understood, that, for me, it’s about the energy I use to make those things happen. Containing that enthusiasm for myself and pouring it into the project or task at hand has done wonders. I would now rather show someone something completed. I’m notorious for starting things and never finishing them, but if I take the time to actually work on it and move it forward, things will happen.

And especially now, in just the past few weeks, I have learned more about how to use that “kinetic” emotional or mental energy (anticipation and excitement) to channel into my writing, and learning what to share and what to save. How to avoid rambling and venting to others and just spend time writing it down and figuring it out.

For me, it’s been a great lesson in discipline (though I am still learning–as it is I prefer to write these entries in the morning and it’s nearing 9:00 p.m., and I’ve barely written a word all day). It has also vastly improved the quality of my writing, and the ability to let words flow. Genres and topics I didn’t think I had the “juice” to write before…I have discovered that I do, indeed, have those skills.

I do still share the important details, if I’m really excited about something, to one or two close confidants. I’m a rather verbal person and just have to blow that steam before settling down to work. For those who can gush and still get things done, I do slightly envy you…but I am also happy to learn this new thing about myself, and better yet; to see it make leaps and bounds of progress for me personally and professionally.

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