A collection of essays that tell powerful and unique but relatable stories. Equal parts memoir and advice column, the author weaves together tough lessons about relationship dynamics and mechanics told through the lens of someone re-embracing a whole new side of their sexuality.

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“I Fell Asleep on a Porn Set: Essays” is available now!

For anyone who has been in situations they weren’t sure why they didn’t want to agree to them, for those who thought twice about whether their identities were fixed or fluid or in-between; for those who know the fear of walking alone at night and every decision can be wrong with no take-backs.

Some of my work on Medium has been selected by editorial curators for its quality.

This Is What I Mean When I Say Writing Is My Job

“Because I want to keep *this* job, and I am figuratively my own boss in most circumstances, I also grant myself the grace that I wish previous employers would have: to believe in myself and trust that I will get the work done  one way or another.”

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