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An Emerald Day

2022 was the year that I survived. And not a whole lot else, but just one little step forward at the end.

The Disenfranchisement of the Hyper-Independent

I seem fearless to everyone around me. Whenever someone asks why or how I would do the thing that they would or could not, my answer is one of two things. It’s either that it doesn’t occur to me that I can’t or that I don’t have a choice.

Why I’m (Probably) Staying on Twitter

Twitter is simple—it’s what Facebook used to want to be, back when users needed an .edu email address to join. It’s the space where people go, online, to just be with people. It’s the town square of the internet, where one can people-watch and then duck into a shop when they need to grab something.…

Some of my work on Medium has been selected by editorial curators for its quality.

The New Rule of Dating in the Pandemic is That There Are No Rules

Wasn’t dating already enough of a challenge? What even is the dating scene right now? Dating is hard. It just is. It’s never going to get easier. Adding the stress and uncertainty of a pandemic when it isn’t safe to be within six feet of others, it can feel like those of us who are…

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I’m too lazy to bother you more than twice a month so I’m not here to clog your inbox. Imagine the day you can say “I knew her before she was verified on Twitter!”

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