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So That’s What Burnout is Like

I was excelling at work, investing in my self-care, and bursting with creative projects. I felt great and was even proud of myself. Look at me healing! Pursuing passions! Creating things in ways I hadn’t before!

I Currently Have 19 Active Drafts

I’m not counting the ones that hide in the scraps folder… yet. A couple of months ago I shared some loose ideas to expand my content. They were things I knew I would move into but I wasn’t sure how. Then, big sad wormy brain things happened. Then I went on vacation. Then I got…

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The New Rule of Dating in the Pandemic is That There Are No Rules

Wasn’t dating already enough of a challenge? What even is the dating scene right now? Dating is hard. It just is. It’s never going to get easier. Adding the stress and uncertainty of a pandemic when it isn’t safe to be within six feet of others, it can feel like those of us who are…

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