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I Know Why He Did It

We do not teach anyone that a ring is like having a baby. It does not save, enhance, or promote a relationship—it burdens one. If and only if the couple is prepared and equipped to share that burden will it succeed long-term.

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What Even is Time?

When it rains, it pours. When an Angeleno leaves LA for any subjectively significant time, one’s re-entry is provisional until they’ve seen their therapist. I don’t make the rules (okay, sometimes I do). But in my case, it’s true. The past few weeks have wrung me dry and I didn’t feel truly centered until I…

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The New Rule of Dating in the Pandemic is That There Are No Rules

Wasn’t dating already enough of a challenge? What even is the dating scene right now? Dating is hard. It just is. It’s never going to get easier. Adding the stress and uncertainty of a pandemic when it isn’t safe to be within six feet of others, it can feel like those of us who are…

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