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The Art of Radical Self-Trust

As a writer I have always believed in trusting the reader. If a writer fails this, the prose suffers. It is where walls of text and overwrought exposition is born and storytelling goes to die.

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Leaving Twitter? Where to Find Me

If you choose to leave Twitter, that’s a decision I understand and respect. At this time, I don’t have any plans to leave but that may change in the future. If you’d like to stay in touch and keep me in your networks, here are the other ways to reach me.

Some of my work on Medium has been selected by editorial curators for its quality.

My mailing list is: low-key, a one-stop-shop to keep up on stuff, and never salesy.

I’m too lazy to bother you more than twice a month so I’m not here to clog your inbox. Imagine the day you can say “I knew her before she was verified on Twitter!”

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