This post has moved! It it is now hosted at The Ghetto Activist (with a great intro!) and at the Age of Awareness on Medium.


  1. I loved every word of this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts/experiences! Conversations like these are so important to have, especially in white spaces. I’m hella black, but my government name is Italian (Antonio) so I too get a pass on the resume bias (at least until my black ass pulls up to the in-person interview hahaha). There are times I do think about changing my middle name to something that reconnects me to my African roots… I would be open to changing both my first name and my middle name but I think the paperwork would drive me absolutely crazy hahaha.


    1. Thank you! It honestly took me a few weeks to muster up the courage to finish and post this. Walking the line between acknowledging what we understand as “ethnic” socially versus sticking to its given meaning *without* whitesplaining.

      It’s funny… I don’t pass the resume test as often, only when I show up do people breathe that sigh of relief. It’s really interesting how much people assume about others without ever setting eyes on them. Names are important.

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