If you choose to leave Twitter, that is a decision I understand and respect. At this time, I don’t have any plans to leave but that may change in the future.

If you’d like to stay in touch and keep me in your networks, here are the other ways to reach me:

Social Media

Medium. I am in the process of refocusing my content there. But if you are a member, there’s no reason not to connect!

Instagram. I have not been nearly as active there as I have in the past, and I don’t think it is built well for community. But it is a thing, and I have it, and I know how to use it!

Facebook. Some time ago I semi-deactivated my author page for a number of reasons. I may consider reviving it if the interest is there and that is where (mostly writers) migrate to. I am a participant in a few writers’ groups. Do not add me as a friend on my personal profile.

Discord. I’ve had a couple of alternate Discord accounts for awhile. It was unwieldy to log in and out of different accounts, amongst a few other things are the reasons I have not pursued it much. But now that I have discovered in the wake of Musk’s Twitter acquisition that account switching is much easier, you are free to add my (new!) account: ReidunSaxerud#7939. I would love to join writing servers! As well as anything else we may have connected over on Twitter if it wasn’t writing.

Twitch. I have really gotten into gaming communities during the pandemic and I am (slowly) building one for myself. If you are already an active Twitch user and we are friends, reach out and I will consider revealing my gaming Twitch handle to you.

The real reason I mentioned Twitch at all is that I have considered using it as a writer (hosting sprints, workshops, etc.) but I am not sold on it yet. It’s been on my mind, though! And this may be the impetus to pursuing that.

Direct Mail

Newsletter. I have a newsletter which I have woefully neglected for about a year. It wasn’t really on purpose, I was just a little lost as a writer and didn’t have much to share with my audience. I have already been working on reorganizing all of my content and launching a new strategy, and my mailing list was loosely wrapped into that. Now is a great time to add yourself to my list!

Postal Mail. If for whatever reason you want to send me something in the mail (I can be easily swayed with good coffee and/or wine, just saying!) please address any correspondence to:

Reidun Saxerud
PO Box 36316
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Email. I can always be reached at reidun@reidunsaxerud.com.

Change is difficult but can sometimes lead to great things. If you choose to leave Twitter as your primary platform, I’d love to stay in touch and try something new, too!

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