If you believe that someone like me hates you, you have a poor grasp of what “hate” is.

Hate is the opposite of love. Hate requires the same willingness to release as much as emotion and care as love does. And I suppose that it’s quite true for a number of fans and the response you have received. This event, that you entirely orchestrated, is truly traumatic for them, myself included. If you know so much about trauma, surely, you would know you can’t identify with our genuine pain, because each experience is unique. And you would know despite the misguided behavior of some, that it has nothing to do with you.

So why are you making it about you?

I am an actual survivor of sexual abuse, both in my early childhood and adolescence. Both of my biological parents abused me. It sucks. It’s painful. It has affected every aspect of my life and adulthood. Like your story, I didn’t fully grasp the scope of their damage until years after the abuse ended, in the midst of other upheavals in my life. I was 25 when it dawned on me, in full, that so many issues and problems tied back to my parents, and specifically: my mother. I’m writing a whole book about it! I’d be happy to send you a complimentary copy, especially if, as you say, this isn’t “about money.”

I’m not going to say that what I genuinely endured as a child and teenager means nothing if someone else didn’t have an experience that precisely mirrors mine. To be sure, you and I had rather different upbringings. A large portion of the abuse I experienced was the rarest type (mother-daughter) and hosts a whole different set of issues you can never understand as a straight, cisgender male. Likewise, if what you allege happened between you and Michael Jackson actually occurred, I could surely never understand the experience of a child enduring pressure from a beloved global celebrity.

But one thing remains true: my subconscious always knew that my abusers were bad people. I always knew to never trust them. My own parents! In my thirties, I’m only just now unraveling the tapestry and repairing the damage, years on after my father succumbed to lung cancer and almost five years without contact with my mother. I always distanced myself from them. Avoided their advances. Kept them at arms’ length. Never confided in them. My gaze always remained averted and I often ignored their phone calls. Something in me always knew the truth, and so did many people around us.

No, Wade, I don’t hate you or James. You wish I could.

I just pity you.

Someone like you who is so enmeshed in an identity that isn’t theirs that they have to hijack it from others. Who has so little knowledge of themselves as a person and fears who that person is inside, instead leeches on the status of others to advance themselves because they have no confidence to do it for themselves. Who thrives on the attention it brings them.

We have words for people like that. Words like narcissist and sociopath. There are several others, one of them probably suit you just fine.

You want our anger because it justifies your self-fulfilling prophecy as a victim. You certainly are a victim: of yourself, by your own design. Not of Michael Jackson. Devouring our anger and making it about you deflects the thinly-veiled hatred you have for yourself.

Part of the true healing from abuse is facing and forgiving yourself for the hatred that the abuse taught you to feel. It’s taking accountability for the wrongs you committed in your own life as a result of the dysfunction that was forced upon you because your own issues become survival strategies and coping mechanisms. Hurt people hurt others.

There’s no doubt in my mind that someone took advantage of you at some point in your life, no matter what they did, but it most certainly wasn’t Michael Jackson. And as long as you continue this charade, it will become more and more obvious. It’s the thing you fear the most and yet you are barreling headlong toward this certain ending because you know nothing else except self-destruction.

I’m telling my story, too. But I’m not doing it for the screentime, for royalties and licensing deals, to stand on someone else’s shoulders as they sink into the mud. I’m doing it on my own, for myself, and for others who need to know they aren’t alone. Unlike you, my story is making me lose money, a lot of it. I’ll be lucky to break even on it.

People like you drown out voices like mine. Exploiting our genuine pain, co-opting it, and acting it out like it’s just a matter of looking into a camera lens.

This will all boil down to one harsh truth in the end and you know it, and you will have learned nothing when it is all over, except that you can get a lot of attention for relatively little effort. And that’s why I just feel sorry for you: this episode will not heal you because this isn’t the actual damage that was done to you. And with all this narcissistic supply fulfilling your needs and taking up your time, you know you are too distracted to deal with the emptiness inside you.

You will never change, Wade. You don’t want to. When this train derails, you will board another without a second thought. Who’s next on your list? Britney?

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      1. Your parents weren’t famous. He can’t help that his molester is. Your anti everything including your own cause. That’s why your writing this. There is isn’t a bigger hypocrite with no heart than you and I am positive nothing happened to you. Remember you didn’t come out till later either


      2. I commend you for speaking up. One thing I would add is that I moreso think people are willing to believe the lie, because it also reinforces the uneasiness they have always felt about Michael Jackon’s alleged excentricities. It gives people an easy way to say, “A-ha, I was right to feel that Michael Jackson was weird”. Sadly, with the climate right now in our culture, I don’t think Michael’s legacy can survive this hit. They only thin they maybe cold help is if the 93′ and 05′ accusers came out and told the truth, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

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      3. This is exactly it. Michael is so much of an outlier–many of those ways we as a global audience influenced him to be–that there’s no single thing that people can put their finger on about him that sets him apart. It’s just about everything about him that most of the public knew (or thought they knew). He is the poster boy for intersectionality and identity politics. The extremes of how he appeared and was viewed are reflections of ourselves as individuals, and people really hate having to examine their own behavior.


    1. Something that has been totally overlooked throughout this whole project these two kids are doing is common sense.
      Their stories lack common sense.
      If people knew just exactly how generous Michael Jackson was to the sick kids in the world children then had parents said could not afford to keep them alive and had to sit back and watch them die he gave those children a chance to enjoy and have a fun time before their demise including the families of the sick kids.
      And does anyone even know how generous he was with his money he made from entertaining.
      From what I understand to be true his dangerous tour that he did that went on for quite some time had its proceeds after paying the overhead was given to Children’s Hospitals and a sick and dying children Michael Jackson never took a dime for himself including all of those extra concert shows he put on during that tour.
      Common Sense again why would the most well-known Entertainer in the world go after small kids to my last stand and hurt them and then turn around and donate millions of dollars to help keep the sick kids alive.
      Knowing this you have to ask yourself now it does it seem like these two kids are telling the truth.
      I don’t believe for a minute that anything bad had happened to those two kids by Michael Jackson and I do think that those two children are two of the luckiest kids in the entire world if they got to spend so much time and effort to be wanting to learn to sing and dance and perform like their Idol.
      Lie once and you’re always a liar.
      Another Common Sense issue is with his money
      And fame I don’t believe he is that stupid 2 hurt two kids that he spent so much time with including their families who traveled all over the world with him that he would hurt you not for a second.
      Michael was a very spiritual kind and loving person.
      I actually know someone who produces records who knew him at the age of 22.
      And I was told that he was quite the Ladies Man.
      Introverted and shy but he loved the ladies.
      The last thing I would like to say is that I think this entire nonsense is strictly to try and extort money from someone who has passed away.
      Just the idea of this is disturbing for people like me that really appreciated his talent and his kindness towards kids especially the sick ones gave them a little bit of happiness to try and overcome the pain and sickness of cancer and other diseases they had.
      Both kids should give up miles are ahead as I do hope that the family the estate and anyone else affiliated with Michael Jackson in any way will go after you to the highest level that the law permits and put you away or what you are doing to someone who has no defense.
      I hope that these two kids safechuck and Roxanne both know what kind of terrible feelings they’re causing mrs. Katherine Jackson who is ill in fighting for her life to stay alive for her family.
      The poor lady has been put through hell with the loss of her son and her husband.
      I think it’s time that the Press the people and anyone else out there that likes to cause trouble for people should leave him alone and the family and let them mourn the loss in peace.
      When you have your day of judgement and you leave this world and enter to the next you will be faced with all the terrible and good things that you have done in your lifetime problem is you can’t lie to the person you’ll be speaking to.
      I myself have had many prophetic dreams after Michael Jackson had passed away of him and Neverland Ranch.
      I have never physically been to the location that I have been in my dream which was very Vivid and very descriptive it also depicted how he feels about all that’s been said about him after his death.
      Michael Jackson was a master of beautiful music with a beautiful message that brought people together of all Races ages and walks of life.
      I had the opportunity to meet him one time in Orlando Florida as he was
      Shopping at store on International Drive late at night and I discovered that it was him and he just laughed any says you’re good you’re really good but he was kind he spent about five minutes talking to me and within five minutes I got the chance to tell him what a blessing he has been to the people of the world and how he’s brought many many people together with his gift. Please leave his children his family brothers sisters especially his mom alone leave them alone go find another Avenue to try and extort money from somebody else.
      Thank you for allowing me to express my love and concern for someone that has brought much much joy to my life growing up I feel like I know him but he doesn’t know me and that’s okay I was meet up with him when it’s my time. In spite of the activities in the actions of these two kids God bless them anyways they’re going to need all the help they can get come the day they will be in judgement. Never forget Michael did a lot of things that Jesus did and talked about and used it as an example while he was alive here during his short 50 years.
      To me that’s very christ-like when you carry out what our Lord has asked us to do and to love one another as he has loved us.

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      1. Something interesting you really brought up that is unfortunately something only fans and collaborators would know about Michael is HOW intelligent he was. If he WANTED to hurt people and get away with it, he could have. Quite easily. He was both a genuinely good person and far more intelligent than people gave him credit for unless they knew him. He would have had the resources and power to commit horrific acts–the fact is he had no desire to do so as it was simply not his personality.

        Thank you for your comment and sharing your story!


  1. girl i held back tears, i really did… you are amazing and brave – thank you for doing this and i feel so bad for real victims because the truth will eventually come out AGAIN i mean they can’t keep track with their own lies i mean… right now they went on CBS and Wade literally stole Safechicken stort – RIGHT THERE AND THEN, i mean you could really tell James wasn’t ready for this turn, you can see his confusion when he looks at Wade when he tells his yet ANOTHER version of how the abuse came to be – which he still make it seems like something he actually wanted…

    btw are you going to Oprah’s show? she is supposed to screen that movie and then interview them both – 7 freaking long hours dedicated to this BS… but what is the most upsetting is that she actually bringing REAL male victims to this screening (except for Taj Jackson for very obvious reasons)… and i know for a fact she is hoping for some kind of PTSD sort of reaction so they get the support i mean she already watched it… she knows how graphic and detailed it gets and to subject people who have actually been through this see a 4 hours of such horrible description i mean… horrible…

    i hope people will wake up soon

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    1. I haven’t watched their latest stuff yet as I’ve been so busy with work today, but I will have a look soon. I did not attend Oprah’s screening. I don’t think she was screening it in Los Angeles, where I am, but I could be wrong. At any rate, I’m not sure if I’d ever set foot in an OWN/Harpo studio because of her constant opportunism when it comes to the Jackson family.


  2. I too am a victim of sexual abuse.. once in my teenage years and once as an adult. I was assaulted by a co worker, I reported it and ended up being retaliated against leaving me currently without employment and under a gag order 🤷🏽‍♀️ But on Michaels behalf I can’t help but SPEAK up. My soul was killed the moment I was assaulted; I panicked and didn’t know what to do so I waited until it was time for me to clock out. God, the gut renching feeling I got when I knew I would probably see him on my way out. There was no supervisor Their shifts had all ended by that time so in panic and went around the whole building building just to loop around and get to my car where I sat and cried. Between my assault and losing my job I have been battling with severe depression, I have nightmares literally every night. I’m on 2 anti depressants and barely leave my house I don’t even have the strength to. wade, LIKE the original post stated You May have been a taken advantage of at some point in your life but .. but it’s it DEFINITELY wasn’t Michael Jackson. A victim doesn’t behave like you wade/Safechuck.


    1. So many hugs for you, Shay! I have dealth with a lot of B.S. at my jobs, harassment, etc, but never SA. Mine always happened at home :(

      Abusers are opportunistic, and they know how to play a system to exert their power, and I’m so sorry to hear that someone leveraged theirs to hurt you. I know you’re in a hard place with this now but even just talking about it, acknolwedging your nightmares, and staying on your meds and any other medical advice you’re provided are THE steps to healing. You’re doing exactly what you should be doing, and I’m happy for and proud of you for waking up to face each day as it comes.


  3. God bless you, you are beyond brave for speaking out like this. You are much stronger than you realise. Thank you so much for being so open, I think genuine testimonies really do help people. I pray that you will succeed in anything and everything you do. All my Love.


  4. Wow… That got me choked up. I too am a surviour of sexual abuse, groomed early on and went on through my early teens. They preyed on what I loved most (funnily enough michael jackson and his family) and how unloved I felt at home. (my abuser was a relation). However I knew it was wrong, I didn’t know what to do apart from self harm and trying to take my life and make excuses for why I was doing it. Eventually I Confided in someone when my abuser tried to blackmail and the person I was with heard the whole phone conversation. After that all I wanted was justice, not money, not attention, just justice and to feel at least a little bit safe. I got justice, But I was so messed up I ended up losing alot of friends, hit a destructive button. I couldn’t grasp my emotions, I had depression and Insomnia, ended up on medication. Even after I had my son I thought I would pull through and part of me did he gave me a reason to live and keep going day to day. It wasn’t until I met my husband and I have my son and now two daughters, I found a strength, I’m a surviour. However that doesn’t stop the days where something triggers of the abuse certain smells, or and aniexty attack happens if I see someone who looks like my abuser. My dad struggles to talk with me be close as he feels so guilty for his family member putting me through that and not knowing. For Wade the more and more this goes on the more the story changes I hope it does catch him out as it is hard enough for real abuse victims. But he has so many people eating out the palm of his hand who have a lot of influence on the public due to the world being media hyped and its easier to believe what they say than researching everything, I just don’t know if like you said he shall learn. I do hope this finds its way to him, and those surrounding him and makes him think even just a little bit. (sorry if this seems a jumble sometimes I get lost in what I say to get everything out at once.) thank you for sharing your story, I think you are so brave in doing so, and if your book gets published in the UK I will certainly purchase it. X


    1. There is something especially egregious when our abusers are also a supposed caregiver like parent or near relative. I understand the mixed feelings and unease about being “home.” I don’t think we ever fully lose our triggers, but you’ve accomplished so much and have learned to cope with them. I’m proud of you!

      WR definitely has people wrapped around his fingers. It’s horrendous–one of the situations that got me to see how extensive the damage my parents did was a narcissist just like him that I got wrapped up in and he was much the same. You can’t un-see it once it is seen.

      Thank you for your message. The book is coming very soon!


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  6. Two things here. Hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is.
    Second, I was not sexually abused as a child, but I’m the victim of a very sick psychologist I was seeing in the 1990’s for many issues going on in my life. I was a patient of hers for about 9 years and she slowly and methodically tried to convince me I was sexually abused, probably by my parents, (whom I’m very close to) but I had “repressed memory”. Remember that phase of psychology that therapists went through, very prevalent in the 90’s, that everyone had repressed memory. My point here is I was never sexually abused by anyone, I have no repressed memories, I’m just a victim of her mental illness. I can’t begin to tell you the damage this has caused in my life, and frankly still does to this day. I’ve gone through many therapists since then and I’m currently with someone who has really helped me out, and continues to do so. Back in 2001 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, far cry from repressed memory. Thanks for pointing out that even as children we try to distance ourselves from our abusers as much as we can, not stay involved in there life after turning 18 or unfortunately maybe having to runaway. I’m rambling sorry. I’ve never avoided my parents once in my entire life. They’re still alive, in there mid eighties, and hanging in there. Great article, and I too believe in Michael Jackson’s innocence. I’m not going to watch the documentary. I know it will upset me greatly. Someone told me at some point repressed memory comes up, and I never want to hear those words again or travel down that road. It’s a huge trigger for me.
    Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story.
    Julie Williams


    1. You’re definitely right about the indifference bit. Later I realized I had intended to make two separate points about love/hate and love/indifference then kind of mixed them, but the metaphor worked in the end so I didn’t fix it, lol.

      Don’t worry about rambling! I have received so many messages like this the past few days and I’m touched and amazed at the response. It’s equally brave of and productive for you to also discuss it and put it out there. It helps the process for everyone.


  7. Thank you for that. I am one of these fans. I am not a survivor but I do live this event as a nightmare and I pray everyday for people don’t believe all these lies. Thank you to include us in the hurt people in this story. I am so sorry for what happened to you and hope this book will be helpful.

    One of Michael Jackson’s lost children.


    1. Right after Michael died, I jumped on a plane to Los Angeles and my friend and I drove all the way up to Neverland. It was the first time either of us had been. There were still news teams all around the place. Posters and memorials covered the gates. There was one that said simply “We are now your lost children.” and I understood it completely. I still feel it. Michael was a “safe place” for me growing up, when all the bad things were going on. I think we, his fans, have all been a little lost the past ten years, but I hope that this incident with WR/JS will bring us back around.

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      1. Sorry you were abused, but I would think it would make you more sympathetic and aware…it seems to have had the opposite effect. Blindly worshipping celebrities is a mistake; they are human beings just like the rest of us so time to wake the f**k up.


      2. “sorry you were abused but my feelings of preaching about something I refuse to understand matters more because it’s clearly something I’ve never experienced.”

        This is NOT the place and I have your IP address. Comment one more time and you’re getting banned. What you are doing is triggering and abusive. This is your one and only warning.

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  8. Hi Reidun, I’m so sorry for the pain you have experienced. Thank you for speaking about it. Best of luck and much love for your continuing journey of healing


    1. Thank you, Mary! The comments and feedback I receive, good and bad (mostly good though :) reinforce that this is the right thing, the right side of Michael’s long history.


  9. You’re so brave. I couldn’t add anything to the discussion because most comments accurately voiced out my opinion, but i hope you’re hanging in there.

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  10. I am really sorry for every person, who must deal with this trauma and feel pain because of this :(
    Not everybody who say “I am victim” tells truth. Exist some liars and Wade and James are one of them in my opinion. Their behavior is very strange. Documentary is full of lies and in some way destroy MJ legacy and memory. Media need to talk about so serious sexual crimes, but of course other causes hasnt so many attention…

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  11. I sat and cried but I know you don’t need my tears. What a beautifully forgiving letter and I hope the message gets through. God bless you and thank you for articulating what my heart has been feeling for true survivors.
    Love, light and strength x


  12. I myself am also a victim of child sexual abuse. And what this person saying rings true. The pain that you feel if you’ve truely ever felt it is unbearable. It’s nothing to try and make money off of someone else’s pain. Because that’s what he’s doing. He’s using someone else’s pain. Like I said, I am a victim of abuse. I myself was abused and beaten by my babysitter from 3-4 yrs. old. I was sexually molested by my step dad and the girl across the street from 6-9&7-8 at the same time. I was gang raped at the age of 11. I myself didn’t tell my mom at first because I was scared. But I finally told her at 9 yrs. only because she was going to go back to him. I never spoke about the girl across the street. Why? I don’t know. I was gang raped at 11 and went to the police who didn’t even tell me when our court date was to find out later that they only got 2 years probation apiece ( all 7 of them) for them to go do it to someone else. I grew up blaming my parents ( mostly my mom) because I felt and feel alot of my abuse could have be avoided. The gang rape, among other things but I was set on fire. I grew up starting at the age of 6, smoking, doing drugs, became gang related at the age of 11, beating up my parents, suicidal and in a messed up sort of way I became an abuser. See, I grew up hating people, my heart was stone but I loved my animals because they loved me unconditionally. But most of all, I hated myself. I’ve come along way. I dealt with this on my own with no help from no one. I still have bad anger issues and I have learned to love myself but since my abuse, I’ve been a fighter and always feel the need to to have to defend myself and sometimes I go overboard and I fight the one who does love me and help me. I’m quick to put my hands on them. I’m trying to learn to change but sometimes it’s hard. But there are plenty of times when I want to hurt someone I love, I’ll cut myself to keep from hurting them. Abuse is not nothing to play with especially at someone else’s expense. I know that not every victim is the same and not everyone deals with their abuse the same way but I’m sure not trying to cut book deals or let someone make a movie and exploit my abuse in such graffic details to the world, nor am I trying to get a million dollar lawsuit. I have never gone into as grave a detail as I’m doing now, which is not graffic but I find them hard to believe. I also believe that maybe one or the other or both have had maybe some kind of trauma in their lives but the abuse wasn’t by Michael. But believe me the pain is real. Whether you’re mad because Michael left Wade and Wade feels like he’s is nothing without Michael and feels like Michael owes him something. Michael boosted your career, he helped you but it’s your responsibility to make something happen. Me the only thing I made happen was a life of crime. Now I’m trying to make that change. I still got a long way to go and I’m 51 year old. But today I am 6 years drug free. I have a good man that I need to work on myself with, I have a car , a home and I’m trying to find Good. I may not be where I want to be, I may not be where I ought to be but I thank God I’m not where I used to be. And to me these 2 accussers doesn’t act like someone who has been abused. You’re first step is to admit your wrong.


  13. What an awful, negative post from an alledged victim. Wade didn’t do anything to you. He was abused by one of the most famous celebrities in the world at that time, he was also 7 years old, a virtual baby when his training began. It was also grooming which is very different to physical abuse so it is different in the extreme to what you claim happened to you. How does one supposed victim try so hard to demonize another? It’s usually the other way round with people being supportive. You sound just like most of the Jackson fanatics albeit trying another tactic.


    1. Wade was never abused. His story changed so many times and for one specific reason only…money. Safechuck is even more obvious. He talks about buildings that did not even exist. He never was even close to Michael. His father was. Just like Wade hardly ever met Michael but his mother pushed him. Recently an old friend of Jordan Chandler has come out and said that Jordan always said Michael was innocent, and he even still is a fan of him. How then can Robson and Safechuck claim Jordan was molested and even use disgusting words his father made up? Because it is all a lie. ‘Fanatacis’ have uncovered lists of more than 50 lies in that pedophile propaganda movie. There is hardly anyone left that still believes besides a small group of men haters and real perverts. Think about that.


    2. Yeah, and YOU KNOW. Because you were there the entire time, every time. Right? You are EXACTLY the type that is a major problem in society today. Just STARVING to find someone to blame or hate due to your own self-disgust. Wanting nothing more than someone to take out all your own self hate on, and all the better that it should be someone successful in ways you couldn’t even dream of. Anybody who IS an ACTUAL survivor can smell Robson’s bs from miles away. I am a survivor, and he is a liar. I have NO doubts. He is an attention seeking sociopath with serious esteem issues and talent? HAHA. Marginal at best.


  14. Wow. Reading this… I am overcome with emotion and intense feelings after reading your open letter. You nailed it. Those of us who are ACTUAL survivors of abuse know when we hear the truth. It’s called discernment. You have it. I have it. Wade Robson only has a desperate need to be a constant attention seeker. (Have you seen where he is ACTUALLY offering “life counseling” on his website for big $? I had to make a quick trip to the vomitorium after seeing that!) He is a sad, pathetic individual who minimizes the struggles and REAL LIFE issues we have because of what we experienced. He is a walking lie, a pathetic, sad cliche and nothing more. I fear it was truly his lack of any genuine talent or any originality at all that propelled him to seek to destroy others for a big payday. Safechuck’s case was just dismissed AGAIN a few days ago. Robson is next. What needs to happen now is that the estate needs to launch an investigation against THEM, and WHEN their lies are proven publicly, they should both be sentenced to pay for these crimes. That could possibly restore some of Jackson’s legacy while doing to theirs what they sought to do to his. Every time I saw or heard Robson, I felt queasy sick. Something in the eyes ALWAYS gives it away. He is seriously unwell. He was definitely born in the right time though, because these days crazy can walk around free virtue signaling all day and gain an ignorant society’s sympathies. I want to personally thank you for sharing your story. I related to the point it changed my emotional state in a powerful way. So many similar reactions and feelings. Our innocence, our childhoods torn apart. You are brave, classy and have dignity, and I respect that. Especially today when so many are lacking. And speaking of lacking dignity, I am VERY HAPPY that BLOATprah got some clapback for that disgusting tabloid filth she involved herself in (Leaving Neverland). Sadly, she is just a slightly more coiffed Jerry Springer. Anyone that would give Safechuck or Robson any serious consideration I find worthless, really. Again, thank you. You now have a very loud cheerleader for you in your corner. My best wishes and hopes for pure joy, love and healing to cover your entire life from now on. Your heart is GORGEOUS! I am so happy I found your site and this open letter. Glad you’re in our world.


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