But California is different. It’s dry, relatively, and cooler, in a way. The sun teases me in the morning, blazing the sky in my north-facing window at six each morning. Yet the shadows cast by the mountain peaks lend a crispness to the air that, even after four years, I never quite expect in the middle of summer.

My nonfiction essay, “Permafrost,” has been included in Z Publishing’s ambitious Emerging Writers’ series. Get this–they compiled a fiction, nonfiction, and poetry collection featuring up-and-coming writers from each state.

That’s 150 books. Wow.


This is what the publisher states on their website:

“We like to refer to publications in this series as ‘sampler platters’ of writers and genres, such that readers can quickly and efficiently discover talented authors that they may otherwise have never heard of as well as compelling genres, topics, and themes they may never have given a shot before.”

I’ve been stoked ever since they reached out to me in April. I’m delighted that my first official publication is through an organization that is so supportive of its talent.

Click here to take a look at the series and maybe pick up a title or two from your favorite states. (Psst… I’m in the California Nonfiction collection).

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