So this is where I gasp: “Heckin’ wow it is has been Too Long since I last posted on this here bloggo!” and you go “Yeah, right, something like that, nobody missed it anyway?”

And at the risk of sounding cliche and excuses-excuses…I really did get swamped! The upside was that a good chunk of what consumed my time was a lot of fun stuff! The downside is, of course, the other half was…not so great. But let’s not focus on that, lest we shall tempt fate to distract me again! The upside of the downside stuff is that it has given me a lot of material so I will be back here whining writing in no time!

Some of these things were so awesome I had actually drafted something about it a few weeks beforehand and then … never finished it. It was meant to be posted the day of the event, but I didn’t finish it in time and then … it just got left. I even tried


to write a second post! And still, it just wasn’t gelling.

So, I kind of thought about doing a catch-all post with both writing and general life topics mixed in (seriously, so much of both going on) but decided some of the

writing stuff was just too good to get lost in the shuffle. So we’re just going to start with that!

The first and most important thing is…I’m officially getting published! An essay I wrote will be included in Z Publishing’s California Emerging Writers collection. I think this is the thing I am most excited about! Alas, they weren’t too keen on just plastering my face on the cover, but this is what I am going to start pushing constantly next month.

In a couple of weeks, I will also have some material ready for a couple of blogs I have joined. This would have happened much sooner, except, of course, life got in the way the way life does.


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