Dear Millennial and Gen-Z Straight, White, Cis Men

Photo by Bruce Mars at Pexels

Things have been quiet 'round these parts lately. There are several reasons for it, but they boil down to that I am too fed up and exhausted to yammer on here when I am working on my own projects and day job full time. Things are just too much, much too much right now. We … Continue reading Dear Millennial and Gen-Z Straight, White, Cis Men

Trauma Doesn’t Have a Timeline

My first memory isn't of snuggles and the unmistakable scent of Mom. I don't remember vague warblings of lullabies. Later, in my early childhood years, I can recall playing with friends at daycare, frozen yogurt with my mother, and the first days of kindergarten. December 18 is my Cali-versary, as I call it. The day I hopped … Continue reading Trauma Doesn’t Have a Timeline