America’s Emerging Writers

A few months ago, I mentioned I had been selected for Z Publishing's Emerging Writers project, which is pretty exciting as it is.  A few weeks ago, I received an email from their main offices again; this time, they were spearheading a best-of anthology of all of their selected writers, and compiling them into America's Emerging … Continue reading America’s Emerging Writers

Shameless Self-Promotion: My First Book!

Do you see that? Do you know what that is? Okay, yeah, you're probably rolling your eyes and going damnit, why this? No! But...this isn't your regular hokey fundraiser. Stuff is cheap. There's a reason I chose Indiegogo versus just purchasing an ecommerce package (which I will cover later). Legit y'all...the ebook is $3 and a single … Continue reading Shameless Self-Promotion: My First Book!

Dear Millennial and Gen-Z Straight, White, Cis Men

Photo by Bruce Mars at Pexels

Things have been quiet 'round these parts lately. There are several reasons for it, but they boil down to that I am too fed up and exhausted to yammer on here when I am working on my own projects and day job full time. Things are just too much, much too much right now. We … Continue reading Dear Millennial and Gen-Z Straight, White, Cis Men

Quora Question: How many more careers would you try if humans lived longer or were immortal?

Quora is an interesting platform that I can't help but get sucked into. It's the same concept as ye olde Yahoo Asks, but the company strives for better-written and cultivates stronger, more original content from qualified individuals. In April this year, I was invited into their Top Writers program, and then I recently received an … Continue reading Quora Question: How many more careers would you try if humans lived longer or were immortal?

Trauma Doesn’t Have a Timeline

My first memory isn't of snuggles and the unmistakable scent of Mom. I don't remember vague warblings of lullabies. Later, in my early childhood years, I can recall playing with friends at daycare, frozen yogurt with my mother, and the first days of kindergarten. December 18 is my Cali-versary, as I call it. The day I hopped … Continue reading Trauma Doesn’t Have a Timeline

Book Review – Burying the Honeysuckle Girls

Burying the Honeysuckle Girls by Emily Carpenter My rating: 4 of 5 stars My first taste of (modern) Southern Gothic literature definitely did not disappoint. There's just enough magic for the escapism, adventure and sleuthing for the brain workouts, and the ice-cold reality of what power and a deep tradition of toxic masculinity and bigotry … Continue reading Book Review – Burying the Honeysuckle Girls