So That’s What Burnout is Like

I was excelling at work, investing in my self-care, and bursting with creative projects. I felt great and was even proud of myself. Look at me healing! Pursuing passions! Creating things in ways I hadn’t before!

Silence is Not an Answer

Silence is not an answer. Silence is the absence of information—nothing more or less. Silence does not indicate a person’s motives, intent, state of being, feelings, or thoughts. Filling in the blanks in the absence of those things is a disservice both to the recipient and giver of the silence.

The Disenfranchisement of the Hyper-Independent

I seem fearless to everyone around me. Whenever someone asks why or how I would do the thing that they would or could not, my answer is one of two things. It’s either that it doesn’t occur to me that I can’t or that I don’t have a choice.

The Thirteenth Hour

Before, my life felt like I was always running a labyrinth. Always hearing a screaming baby in a distant place, never able to reach it, constantly yanked in different directions, racing against a time frame that didn't exist. But now the whole thing has been razed, disintegrated.

Why I’m Not Angry With Him

I didn’t know then that he was confessing. His words were sincere but like so many other things he said, were incomplete statements. He stopped short of the whole truth: “You deserve better than what the world dealt you, but I choose not to give it because I don’t believe I deserve it also.”