Where have I been?! Why haven’t I been writing? What’s going on? Am I alive?!

As evidenced by my Twitter; yes, of course, I am alive! I mentioned in my last post (during Christmas!) that I had a number of projects going on. I simply could not keep up with regular posting, the other projects, day-job work, and you know… basically everything else that has happened since November 3. It’s been a lot.

Part of this change is a shift in my model as an independent writer. To keep a long and boring story short, anything I’ve achieved in my life has never been “the way” others do it. I’m boring and white and blonde on the outside but the way I go about doing what I do is never traditional. It’s not deliberate or a desire to be edgy and cool and avant-garde, it’s almost always due to necessity. I often say that my life is run by either time or money; I either have one or the other, but never both.

The same is true for my writing and journey as an author. The only way for me to achieve a balance between the two (affording a full-time job as a writer; time and money) is to stop pretending the traditional path would be anything fruitful for me.

This means I am going to spread out what I’m doing and that includes publishing more on the ‘Zon. It’s not a pleasant thought, it’s not something I want to do, but I can’t afford to gatekeep myself out. I have to make shitty choices sometimes. The uncomfortable fact is that’s where indie writers make money. In time I’ll be expanding availability and going wide but I am doing this all by myself so time is limited.

ANYWAY, all of that to say that my first essay collection is currently available for preorder! This is such a good alternative for those who don’t want to have to subscribe to yet another Patreon or newsletter (and considering I sent out my first one in six months yesterday would be a terrible investment on your part) and simply better suited for my process and schedule right now.

This collection is simple and no-frills, but it puts a chunk of related work of mine that I am proud of together in a neat little package for you. Future titles will be a mixture of releases and exclusive content and there will be plenty more to come!

A collection of essays that tell powerful and unique but relatable stories. One part memoir and one part advice column, the author weaves together tough lessons about relationship dynamics and mechanics told through the lens of someone re-embracing a whole new side of their sexuality.

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