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If you want to stick it to the Amazon man and get your hands on a real copy, I also have a few paperbacks available!

Unusual, stranger-than-fiction experiences in one’s early years is universal. It is only when we reach adulthood, become one of the many “they,” and discover how small we are in a big world, does it occur to us that some of those events were beyond the pale and affect more than just memory.

NORDISCO recounts specific events in the author’s life and examines them against the template of modern relationships, and all the things that can go wrong between mother and daughter.


The last time you heard from me, I was lamenting about government, reviewing author services, and getting ready to write the draft of my next novel for NaNoWriMo. I was also starting a survival job that took up the rest of the time that I wasn’t writing.

Well, I did okay with NaNo this year all things considered although I didn’t win. This and last year are the only times I haven’t won since I started doing it for real in 2016. Still, it was kind of a sting to not finish it. But that survival job really took a lot of my energy and it was just… a lot.

I no longer have that survival job (and may have better ones in the pipeline!) but also took the opportunity once that job ended to really hone in on writing full time, so I have been both working on the novel draft I didn’t finish in November but also quite frankly doing some projects under a pen name.

They’re not good, at all, and aren’t really meant to be, but they’re a way for me to see what level I can work at and can I make any sort of reliable income from the output? And honestly it’s going fairly well so far.

Once I get a certain size library down on the side project (and no, I’ll never reveal it! But it’s a ton of fun) I’ll be back here more regularly.

I’m a writer, author, and essayist based in Los Angeles. I’d be delighted to connect with you through my mailing list, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (in that order).

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels

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