The United States Postal Service is in big trouble. If you live in the United States you are affected by this even if you don’t think so or have not yet suffered its effects.

Without exaggeration: lives are at stake. People will die. The election is getting rigged. Please visit Save the Post Office and the American Postal Workers Union to find out more and how to take action now. If you prefer video content, here is a piece from May 2020 by Last Week Tonight on just how critical this is and how the worst parts of this are coming true right now:

For all those stamps you are buying right now, if you feel compelled to use them, I have quickly thrown together some postcards to really get the message out loud and clear. While I worry about burdening the system right now at a critical time, the reality is that some people have no other way to know what’s going on.

1. Click the ones you like the most to download in PNG.

2. Print them on cardstock, write a note to a loved one (or to your representatives!)

3. Stick those fancy self-funding-no-additional-taxpayer-dollars-needed-for-a-government-agency stamps on there and send them on their way.

While the backside template is not required, I have included one as well.

Cover photo by Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios from Pexels

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