Quora is an interesting platform that I can’t help but get sucked into. It’s the same concept as ye olde Yahoo Asks, but the company strives for better-written and cultivates stronger, more original content from qualified individuals.

In April this year, I was invited into their Top Writers program, and then I recently received an invitation to their Partners program–tasked with generating said quality content. It’s a bit of a challenge, hence the slightly awkward phrasing.

However, the concept has been on my mind recently; about how many careers I would pursue if I knew I simply had more time to do it. Career paths I haven’t necessarily given up on to pursue writing, rather putting them on the back burner. When the time is right, I will approach them again. But when the time is right, will I have enough to accomplish the things I set out to do with them?

Take a look at the question here: How many more careers would you try if humans lived longer or were immortal?